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Should I hire the $500 divorce lawyer? Here's why we say NO!

An uncontested divorce is normally done for a flat fee. There are some firms that advertise uncontested divorces for a nominal fee of $350.00 - $500.00.  Beware of those!  

You should keep in mind that this cheap divorce normally only includes the drafting and mailing of the initial paperwork.  It does not include the fee for filing your divorce with the court, and in Tennessee that fee is more than $300.  Think about it. Is a lawyer really going to take $500 to do your divorce, then turn around and spend more than half of the money? NO!  Therefore, even after paying this $500 fee, your divorce isn’t filed.  The only thing you've paid for is the drafting and mailing of your paperwork. 

Now, what if your spouse never mails it back? Well, nothing happens and you've lost $500. What if your spouse disagrees? You're typically then charged more, or they won't move further on your divorce, because it is then viewed as a "Contested" divorce. 

At Hackett Law Firm, our uncontested divorces begin at $1250.00.  We actually draft and file your uncontested divorce immediately, follow up on the mailing and signing of your separation agreement and parenting plan, and appear in court on your behalf.  Plus, we pay your court costs! There are no hidden fees, and there is no wait.

Have your divorce done by a firm that will begin it and end it for you. Divorce is understandably hard, even when you agree on everything. Choose a firm that will be by your side until it's done.