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Divorce is not Punitive

Thought for today: Divorce is not punitive, even though your feelings are hurt.

People are divorced for many reasons. There could be an unfaithful spouse, domestic violence, and a number of other hurtful things that have caused a marriage to dissolve. Many people believe that the level of hurt, or the wrongdoing that caused the divorce is directly related to the terms of the divorce. It isn't. The grounds for divorce have little to do with how the property is distributed. For example, if your Husband cheated on you, you shouldn't expect to "make him pay" in a divorce. The fact that he cheated does not mean that he will have to hand you everything in a divorce. Your property is still going to be distributed according to the law, regardless of how the marriage ended. Don't go into a divorce with a vengeance, because you will rarely get that satisfaction.