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Calculating Child Support in Mississippi

How do I calculate child support in Mississippi?  Here's a simple formula!

1.  Determine GROSS income from the payor's current sources.

2.  Subtract a.  Taxes

                   b.  Social Security Contributions

                   c.  Any retirement that is mandatory

                   d.  The amount of any Court Ordered support for other                 


The figure you have now is the payor's Adjusted Gross Income!

3.  Divide this amount by 12 for the monthly AGI.

4.  Multiply the monthly AGI by the correct percentage (see below).  

The figure you have now if the payor's child support obligation!

Percentages for support:

1 child = 14% of AGI

2 children = 20% of AGI

3 children = 22% of AGI

4 children = 24% of AGI

5 or more children = 26% of AGI